Lecture Info

Important Deadlines

  • 1) Submit your lecture slides to your mentor via email with Angela & the chief email cc’d 2 weeks before your lecture date. 

  • 2) Upload your slides to Medhub 1 week before by going to Medhub—> Conferences tab—>listed under your lecture. 

  • EMJU:

    • EM Journal Update is a way for all of us to stay up to date on the literature, and for you to hone your presentation skills. It is NOT a journal club. You will pick a new or recent article of note at least one month prior to your date. Send the article to me and Dr Dubensky for approval. Ask us if you have trouble finding an article. The article does have to be topical to the block. It should be an important article that is either practice changing or at minimum thought provoking. You will send out the article ahead of time to Angie who will disseminate. The day of your talk you will present the article quickly to your class, usually with a case, and discuss its relevance, finally boiling it down into 3-5 take home points or pearls so they will actually remember the paper. Dr D or I will give the first EMJU so you can see how we want it done. ​EMJU presentations should be about 15 minutes in length. ​Even if your date is not for several months, start scanning the journals now. It is a good practice to either sign up for a service that sends you journal updates from your top journals, or to devise some other personal system to stay on top of the EM literature.


  • CCC:

    • Critical care college is an hour of conference where a senior resident picks an interesting critical care topic and leads a discussion with the class. ​You will not need to have a power-point and in fact ppt is discouraged. ​Rather, this is a round table discussion you will lead, that will culminate in a one page handout you give to the residents. It is not intended to be a lecture, nor is it a comprehensive talk on a large topic. Topics should be things like "Noninvasive ventilation in severe asthma" or "Lytics in submassive PE" or other specific niche topics that will lead to good discussion and debate. Your handout should have the basic facts and take home points you want them to learn and can be written in bullet form. It may contain things like mnemonics or formulas to remember, or other cheat sheet type information. You should have several references printed at the end or on the back. You will have a great deal of leeway in how you want to run CCC. If you want your handout to be a few flash cards, do it. If you want your CCC meeting to be a socratic / quiz show format, do it. As long as it leads to robust discussion of a good topic with a quality handout, it will count. Email your topic to me and Dr Dubensky one month in advance before you start working on it. Use us or your mentor to help you prepare.