Asynchronous Education



Here you will find a list of the Podcasts that we listen to and recommend. 

These cover topics from medicine to spirituality and finance, check 'em out!


Blogs are slowly becoming the new, up-to-date medical text.  

Follow these blogs for current events in the world and in medicine.

Digital Text

This area is password protected and contains digital texts to be available for current residents.


ALiEM AIR Curriculum

ALiEM has developed a thorough ACGME approved asynchronous curriculum which has been adopted into our curriculum. 

"Who is wise?  One who learns from every man." - Ben Zoma

EMRA is the Emergeny Medicine Residents Association formed in 1974 as an advocate and resource for physicians training in Emergerncy Medicine.

Through our program you will be given a full subscription to ACEP and EMRA and have access to the amazing resources there such as: